Guys, lake is banned. i copied and paste this from

Founder of This Wiki, TheLakesideMonster (Me), Has been banned from Roblox. He was in a Major Battle with ODerssword (lionssword) and repeated Cuss words all over again because of how Dumb, Stupid, Re(censored), and such a Noob ODerssword is. The Day After that, He logged onto his Account, and then it said: "Your Account has been Terminated". Really Roblox, You made a HORRIBLE Mistake. If you think I quit Roblox, Nope! Your Wrong! I will log onto my Alts: CryptidBros, TheLakesideMonster2, and TheLakesideMonster3. Also You can get in touch with me is through Minecraft or Facebook. For now, It's R.I.P. For Roblox's Most Famous Cryptozoologist.

R.I.P. TheLakesideMonster

Joined Roblox: 2011

Banned from Roblox: 2013

And for you Lionssword, If your Reading this: (ALSO CENSORED)