These are the rules. Please read them before editing. if you don't follow them, you might get a warning.


  • Swearing is not allowed. "Poop" and "Butt" are ok


  • Bullying is not allowed. Do not post thing like "you suck", "nobody likes you", and more.


  • Spamming is not allowed. Do not post useless comments like "...", "Muffins", "Random", "(various numbers)", and "Hi, do you want cheetos?"

Inappropriate PicturesEdit

Inappropriate Pictures are Not Allowed. I will delete them from your profile.

Unrelated ThingsEdit

Things that are unrelated not allowed on articles. Keep them on your profile.


You are not allowed to boss people allowed. Only me, ima, and glop can boss you.


Advertising is not allowed. Do not advertise at other wikis, sites, etc. Do not post "PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!", "Like and Share", and "Vote now"

Sexy CommentsEdit

Sexy comments are not allowed.


Fighting is not allowed.


Sockpuppets are not allowed. Playing as a Anonymous User is Okay.

Sexy PhotosEdit

Sexy photos are not allowed.


Revealing information is not allowed.

  • Do not reveal your full name. Revealing your first and last name is ok.
  • Only reveal your month and day not year.
  • Do not reveal your address.
  • Do not add photos of you and/or any of your friends in real life. Only what you look like on roblox.
  • Do not reveal your card number or banking amount.
  • Do not reveal other information people don't want to know.


These are your warnings.

  • Warning
  • Warning again
  • Blocked for 1 day
  • Blocked for 3 days
  • Blocked for 3 weeks
  • Deleted as Administrator (only to admins)

Remember very hard...


Do not send horrible comments on my talk page. If you do, I will give you a warning.