This is the theme song of MQ. The music in this is Lost Tapes Theme.

Season 1Edit

(Season 1 Opening)

There are creatures that science refuses to recognize.

(A Big Shark Fin is shown, then it cuts to a shadowy form of a Bigfoot 1966 film shown.)

But if our eyes see it...

(Team 1 screams when they see a Kasai Rex with their camera.)

If our cameras capture it...

(DinoMan3144 swimming hears something large in Loch Ness and turns to see it only to see a a plesiosaur dragging him into the water.)

Does it exist?

(A huge explosion is seen and shoots fireballs everywhere.)


Do you believe?

(samjackwill5 throws a pinecone at the figure and the figure opens red eyes and we see the wings.


Season 2Edit

(Season 2 Opening)

There are creatures that science refuses to recognize.

(See a ogopogo swimming in the water, with imacoolguy688 pointing a gun at it.)

But new technology makes us question what is real.

(A wasp, cicada-winged, demonic figure standing on the gang's house suddenly turns its head staring right at the camera)

If our eyes see it, if our cameras capture it

(A door is attacked by an ax as bull mooing are heard in the background)

Does it exist?

(Herobrine smiles demonically at the camera)

Enter a realm where fact meets fiction.

(Large Bubbles comes from water from a large figure)

Science meets legend.

(The Grudge's Noises can be heard in the background when the scene shows theyouguy hung.)

Where nightmares come to life.

(A plane crashed on land after fire was on it.)

Do you believe?

(The minhocão is seen chasing the gang while a terrified yell is heard.)

Mysterious Quest

(Cryptid Name)

Season 3Edit