Cryptid Species: Moth-Like Size: 7 feet Location: Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Mothman is a creature reported in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In November 15, 1966, The scarberrys and two other people were driving on the road. When they passed the TNT Area, They saw red eyes and wings. then there was a newspaper of the scarberrys' encounter of the mothman. It appears to have black-colored skin, no head or neck, red eyes on upper chest, and wings. In December 15, 1967, There was a silver bridge collapse. 46 people died and a lot of cars fell off. People claimed that mothman was the cause of The Collapse. Mothman must be The Omen of The Bridge Collapse.

In September 11, 2001, There was a terrorist attack going on in New York City in The World Trade Center. There was a creature flying around the two towers which were crashed. In 2002, People have builded a statue of The Mothman and There was a movie called The Mothman Prophecies.

Some people have mistaken it as an Owl because of the red eyes. But the mothman is bigger than the owl.